Facebook Dating lands in Europe as singles seek love on lockdown


LONDON – Facebook announced on Thursday that it had expanded its dating service to Europe, just over a year after launching in the United StatesThe platform, known simply as “Facebook Dating”, is designed to help Facebook users find partners through things they have in common such as interests, events and links. groups. Those who wish to register for the service, which has a dedicated area in the Facebook application, must create a Facebook dating profile.

Once registered, Facebook users can share personal “stories” on their dating profile, as well as stories from their primary Facebook or Instagram account. (Suppose the end quote here?)

There is also a “Secret Crush” feature that allows users to select up to nine Facebook friends or Instagram followers that they are interested in. If one of these people also selects you as a favorite, a match is generated. Here is a little more how it all works.

Julia Portelly, a 26-year-old public relations consultant, told CNBC that she is definitely going to “dig into” the new dating service despite the little use of Facebook these days. “I wonder if they [Facebook] going to bring something completely new to the game, or just pinch the features and reuse them? She said.

Public relations consultant Julia Portelly says she plans to “dig into” Facebook Dating.Julia Portelly

Another user of the dating app said: “I don’t use Facebook a lot anymore and I don’t know if I trust their ability to verify people’s identities, so probably not for me. ”

Unlike other dating services like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble, the Facebook Dating feature is completely free with no premium offer.

A single teacher in his 30s told CNBC, “Many departments these days taunt you with potential matches, but hide them behind payment walls. Release the love, I said – I’m ready for Facebook to help you sort things out. ”

Dating has been rocked by the coronavirus pandemic, with lockdowns and social distancing measures making it difficult to meet in person in countries around the world. Politicians have been faced with tricky questions about it, with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying last week that “indoor sex” is prohibited for couples living in separate households in some parts of the country.

Facebook said it is rolling out a feature that will allow singles who have matched on Facebook Dating to have video chats.

First announced at Facebook’s F8 developer conference in May 2018, the dating feature launched in the US in September 2019, immediately sending actions into Match, which owns the dating app Tinder, in decrease of 4.5%. The service is now available in 52 countries around the world, including 32 in Europe.

Facebook claims the platform has generated 1.5 billion matches in 20 countries since its launch. The company did not immediately respond when CNBC asked how many of its users had opted in to Facebook Dating.

Shaz Younas, CEO and founder of Muslim dating app muzmatch, said Facebook Dating has so far been a bit of a “non-event”.

“Match Group stock fell upon the announcement, but recovered quickly,” said Younas, a former Morgan Stanley investment banker. “The Facebook brand is not great, but it cannot be underestimated. ”

“Facebook’s ability to match… individuals based on their actual behavior is unprecedented. It’s a real benefit to them that no one can match. Even though 1% of their user base uses it, it is still a hugely successful product based solely on That said, as has been shown in the dating world, members of dating apps are often on multiple platforms. -forms, so anything that standardizes people using dating app products only helps the industry. ”


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