“Extremely disappointed”: the group upset by the reopening of Crescent Road


CALGARY – A group of Crescent Heights residents are angry that a once-only pedestrian road is now reopened to cars. City crews took down signs along Crescent Road on Sunday.

The lane had been closed to traffic during the spring and summer months to allow pedestrians to physically move away. But, according to a city official, now that the weather is cold in Calgary, the extra space to move around will no longer be needed.

The Crescent Heights Community Association is trying to overturn the decision.

“People just fell in love with space,” John McDermind told CTV News. “So the people who have come to love this area and use it regularly are quite heartbroken that they cannot do it.”

The road was one of many city streets blocked from vehicles during the pandemic. Many in the neighborhood say this closure has brought their community together, providing more space to spread out and come together.

“We started to think about programming activities and events for the area,” McDermid said.

As the crews worked, he called the space “very different from what it was yesterday”.

Not everyone on the street is in favor of an extension of foot traffic. Some say they are happy to have an extra parking space.

The popular tourist destination offers a clear view of the city center. McDermin says the number of additional visitors in the spring made physical distancing difficult.

The city told CTV News it had made concessions.

A small strip on the south side of the street is now a blocked lane for pedestrians, and McDermid says the regional councilor has hinted that some temporary closures may be possible for future community events.


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