Explore the interior of a Tastemaker’s dreamy, France-inspired nursery


When Annabelle Moehlmann found out she was pregnant last fall, she immediately went to work. “I started browsing all of my favorite fabric houses like two weeks later,” she laughs. As the founder of Land of Belle, the beloved online home accessories store, decorating is in Moehlmann’s veins.Of course, to decorate a child’s room you need a room. For that, Moehlmann, who lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, would have to make the ultimate sacrifice, giving up his dressing room for his future daughter, Clementine. “It was a big project,” she says of the editing process, which saw an avalanche of things “come out, under my husband’s instructions”. One stack was sent to The Real Real, another was gifted to friends and colleagues, and another was donated.

Moehlmann and his daughter, Clémentine, on a DucDuc glider covered in shearling.

Blank canvas in place, she set the scene with a favorite Cole & Sons wallpaper with an exhibit of blooming ivory rhododendron flowers inspired by the 17th century gardens of Chateau de la Bourlie in France. Moehlmann’s father and stepmother live in Paris, and it’s also where she and her husband got engaged. “When I thought about designing the nursery, I knew I wanted to create a space for it that would be an escape from the city,” says Moehlmann. “I wanted it to be feminine and soft, but not cliché, and for the details to evoke places in the world that are special to our family. You have the impression of being in a small garden when you are in your room.

Wanderlust is a common theme. A photograph of the Louvre and a map of Paris folded into the shape of a little girl’s dress by artist Dawn Michelle Wolfe hangs above a Serena & Lily daybed on one side of the room, serving as’ little ones. reminders of our favorite city, ”Moehlmann Remarks. Elsewhere, a map of Florida cut out in the shape of a swimsuit, also by Wolfe, nods in Palm Beach, where she and her husband have spent time since childhood. Meanwhile, the Roman shades and the daybed cover Les Indiennes evokes trips to India, and a printed image of a Mario Lopez Torres screen hanging above Clementine’s rattan crib reminds her of her honeymoon. in Tanzania. “There is actually a great story behind this,” says Moehlmann. “I first started Land of Belle as an Instagram account where I shared images of interiors and decorative accessories that inspired me. When we opened our first pop-up, a couple visited me and told me they found a picture of an elephant screen on our Instagram and their designer, Tom Samet, had it. printed for them for their baby’s nursery. When I found out I was pregnant I wrote to Tom to see if he had the picture on hand and he had another print made and sent it to me as a gift. It reminds me of the beginnings of Land of Belle and the hard work that went into starting the business, something that I hope to instill in my daughter.

Lush Cole & Son wallpaper wraps around the nursery, where a Serena & Lily rattan day bed is dressed in an olive Indian block-print cashmere blanket (the same fabric was used for the Roman shades) . A work by artist Dawn Michelle Wolfe hangs over the bed, next to a photograph of the Louvre.

Clementine may only be six months old, but that’s the least we can say. Since the arrival of his daughter, Moehlmann has hatched and is now launching a new business, Land of Bébé, which arranges clothing, home decor and art for children. “I think when a lot of people buy things for babies, it’s an interruption in their aesthetics,” she says, “and I really believe that should be an extension of that. I had so much fun decorating Clémentine’s nursery. It has become my favorite room in our house.


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