Experts say dollarama’s counterfeit hand sanitizer recall is a lesson for retailers


Dollarama Inc. is removing counterfeit and recalled hand sanitizer from its shelves, which experts say should serve as a reminder of how important it is for retailers and consumers to exercise due diligence when shopping.“Since the onset of the coronavirus, it has been just a huge Wild West when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE),” said Yue Gao, pharmacist and quality assurance manager at MedyKits, a PPE supplier. based in Ontario.

“Some people don’t realize this is happening.”

Gao’s remarks came on Tuesday after Health Canada revealed that it discovered a counterfeit Daily Shield hand sanitizer for sale at one of Dollarama’s offices in Thunder Bay, Ont. with the same lot number as a legitimate product from Bio Life Sciences Corp.

Montreal-based Dollarama said the 250ml product labeled NPN 80098979, lot 6942, expiring in May 2023, was available in about half of the chain’s stores and each location sold around 17 bottles, which were withdrawn. as soon as Health Canada began to investigate.

Health Canada believes that the fraudulent version of the product may not be effective in killing bacteria and viruses, and poses serious health risks because it contains methanol. The ingredient is not approved for use in hand sanitizers and may cause serious adverse reactions or death if swallowed.


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