Exclusive Details About WWE Having Talents Returning Their Cameo Accounts


As Wrestling Inc. first reported exclusively on Thursday, WWE will take control of talent Twitch accounts in four weeks. This includes talents with accounts under their real name. WWE will own these accounts, but talent will receive a percentage of the earnings, which counts toward their drop guarantees.WWE has also signed deals with talents to turn over their Cameo accounts. Here are some of the key points of the agreement sent to talents:

* Talent claims WWE is their authorized representative

* Talent authorizes Cameo to make all payments and other compensation to WWE

* Cameo will not be part of any disputes between Talent and WWE

* Authorization can be revoked at any time only if the account is canceled.

As previously reported, Vince McMahon issued an Executive Order advising talents that they can no longer engage with third parties. The company later clarified the executive order, stating that talents could maintain Twitch and YouTube accounts under their real names, but they would still have to notify the company of those accounts. As of this writing, WWE is only taking ownership of the Twitch and Cameo accounts.

As noted, McMahon sent an email to the talents this week reminding them that they have until today to sever any unauthorized business relationships with third parties. It was noted that talent that does not comply could be fined, suspended or dismissed.


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