Everton-Liverpool score: Klopp wants VAR review after controversial offside; fear of injuries for van Dijk, Thiago


Liverpool and Everton played a violent and controversial 2-2 draw at Goodison Park on Saturday in the Premier League in a game that seemed to go to the Reds until VAR intervened. The Toffees remain unbeaten and top the table with the result as Jordan Henderson’s late goal was ruled offside by the smallest of margins with Sadio Mane seen as the out of position player.The Reds took the lead three minutes later, took the lead twice and had all three points taken out by an offside appeal that seemed like the wrong decision.

Everton, who finished the game with 10 men, haven’t beaten Liverpool in over a decade. Red star defender Virgil van Dijk was injured in this game.

Here are three takeaways from the game:

Everton 2, Liverpool 2 (FT)

⚽ Liverpool: Mane (3 ‘)
⚽ Everton: Michael Keane (19e)
⚽ Liverpool: faux (72 ‘)
⚽ Everton: Dominic Calvert-Lewin (81 ‘)

No more VAR controversy

This game had a lot of wild moments, but none were bigger than the video assistant referee setting aside what would have been a late game-winner for Liverpool. Henderson’s apparent winner seemed like a legitimate target, and it was actually surprising that he was under review. But it looks like they determined Mane was offside by the thinnest margin I’ve ever seen on a call made. Looked:

It’s ridiculous at this point. Calling marginal things is a waste of time. Make it off the shoulder or high on the feet and save fans from having to go through those grueling reviews.

Everton will return as big VAR fans, while Liverpool will hate him more than ever. But we can probably all agree that sometimes it causes more harm than good.

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Liverpool call for VAR app review

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has not shied away from taking the big picture.

“Look, I’m a real VAR fan, but you’d expect, especially with the offside, to make the right decision. We scored a goal once at Aston Villa and they said the armpit was offside – sounds funny, including us, ”said Klopp. “This time, the photo I saw now once on the laptop, there is no armpit, there is nothing, we just aren’t offside.

“Since then, I’ve had 10 or so interviews and everyone tells me it wasn’t offside and obviously doesn’t raise my spirits. You all obviously watched it more often. It’s delicate. We lost a player in a situation where VAR was not involved. with Virgil and then maybe another in the red card situation and scored a legitimate goal – whatever the word – that didn’t count. So obviously not our day but the performance was the performance I wanted to see. ”

As a result, Liverpool have asked the Premier League to reconsider the VAR decision which could have cost them three valuable points, according to The Guardian.

Caramels have the chance to end with just one red

Everton may have finished with 10 players after Richarlison’s horror tackle on Thiago Alcantara, but they should have finished with nine. How the hell was goalkeeper Jordan Pickford allowed to stay after his van Dijk offside challenge?

First, the horror tackle:

Now on van Dijk: Initially, the belief of many was that he could not be examined by van Dijk was declared offside. VAR chose to review the offside and not the potential red card, although they could have, and they missed the call. Look at van Dijk’s leg:

It must be a red card. It is reckless, dangerous and simply violent. Of course, Pickford probably didn’t want to come in like that, but that doesn’t preclude the fact that he did. The caramels are super lucky.

Van Dijk and Thiago face injuries

As a result of this nasty challenge, it looks like van Dijk could be sidelined for an extended period with an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury. Although the team is awaiting confirmation, beIN Sports reports that the Reds star defender is considering a seven to eight month recovery.

Here’s what Klopp said after the game:

” I do not know [how serious it is], I don’t know, but it’s not good. Virgil played for us, I don’t know how many consecutive games. He plays with pain, he plays with just about everything, but he couldn’t keep playing. It’s not good. ”

Van Dijk isn’t the only Liverpool player heading for a scan. Thiago could suffer from a knee injury and is heading for a scan after Richarlison’s red card challenge. It’s a blow to the Reds ahead of their Champions League opener on Wednesday.

A better result for Everton in the end

In the end, the Toffees have to take it. They got off twice, got lucky with VAR, and should have gotten two red cards. We thank this team for fighting back, for not giving in and for continuing to look like a suitor.

After this goal from Mohamed Salah to bring the score to 2-1 in the second half, it didn’t feel over due to the creativity, as well as Adrian being in the goal for Liverpool.

As Carlo Ancelotti’s side searched for this hero and with chances surely to come, it was again their most consistent player in Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who became the club’s first player in nearly 100 years to score in his first five Premier League games.

A fair result? Probably not. Both sides looked neat, but VAR faced Liverpool twice when they probably shouldn’t have.

The result keeps Everton in the top spot, and for that reason, they will be the happier of the two.


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