EU Brexit Talks Were No More Than Claims to Benefit France, Says DAVID MADDOX | Express commentary | Comment


For four years they treated the UK with contempt, humiliated Theresa May when she was Prime Minister, did not want to compromise on anything and worked on the basis that we would be happy to exist as a vassal state.Finally, the penny seems to have dropped with the UK government as we are not dealing with reasonable people here. In fact, in trade negotiations, the EU has only offered positions for the benefits of national programs in countries like France.

If Boris Johnson is to keep the goodwill of his backbench MPs at a volatile time with the coronavirus, he must now stick firmly to his guns.Unless Michel Barnier shows up with the new attitude required, he should slam the door of 10 Downing Street in the face of the Frenchman.

But, while some believe Mr Johnson is bluffing to end the talks, the mood on Downing Street is that Britain is now moving to a so-called Australian rules system on World Trade Organization terms.

Britain can do this easily with the rest of the world, too happy to make trade deals in faster growing markets, as Japan has already proven.

The Remainers have always been wrong, it is the EU which now has the most to lose and which, not for the first time, has proved incapable of forging fruitful and friendly international partnerships with potentially willing partners.

The message from Downing Street that trade talks might not take place now for several years now should be taken seriously in European capitals. This is a message that the current crop of European politicians is not worth dealing with.

The only question remaining is whether Mr Johnson is following the advice of senior Tories, including former leader Iain Duncan Smith, to abandon the worthless Withdrawal Agreement which undermines the integrity of the UK and puts us on the brink of the European Union for £ 39 billion.


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