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A billboard with two men awkwardly posing with the words “COVID real estate ninjas at your service” attracts attention, but not for the purpose of attracting business.The reaction to the ad ranges from those who describe it as racist, to the deaf and ignorant.

“Using cultural appropriation, or deafness of tone, or ignorance as a form of marketing, there’s really no place for that,” said Trevor Lui, who saw the panel. Friday morning display with her daughter.

It was located on Royal York Road and Evans Avenue in Etobicoke, between two colleges. He said he was very disappointed with the process by which he would have been approved.

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The story continues under the ad

“We would have had to go through at least seven pairs of eyes and hands… there is the brokerage, the marketing team, there is the head office of the real estate company, there is a graphic designer, a photographer and at the end there is the company that owns the billboard, ”said Lui.

“It was okay at each of those times before someone in the audience noticed it wasn’t okay.”

Global News has contacted Dylan Fieldhouse and Michael Majeski, who appear on the notice board. Neither were available for comment. RE / MAX Integra for Ontario-Atlantic Canada responded with a statement saying it was not aware of the notice board and will contact the franchise owner the agents are working with.

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“The message in the advertisement directly conflicts with our values ​​and our belief in equality, inclusion and home ownership for all,” the statement said.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for helping us ensure that our network members represent our brand’s values ​​of respect and dignity to all Canadians.”

The billboard was removed by Friday night, but a photo of it posted on the estate agents’ Instagram account (which has since been made private) was left with the caption: “I didn’t want to be like this. But a ninja does not choose his path, the path appears right.

The story continues under the ad

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And while there are a number of people who dispute the billboard, there are plenty more who don’t understand why. This, He says, is part of the problem.

“This is, for me, a perfect definition of the word systemic. He’s up there, he’s accepted at every level where he got there, he’s been put on a billboard and [people] can walk alongside and feel like it’s okay, ”he says.

“My disappointment comes from having to explain why such things should not happen again.”

He told him he wanted to see companies form a foundation on which to build their businesses through diversity and inclusion, rather than just reacting to issues that arise.

He explained that calling that notice board was not meant to be an indictment of the company, but rather to learn from mistakes and correct them.

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Diversity and inclusion in marketing amid anti-racist rallies

Diversity and inclusion in marketing amid anti-racist rallies

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