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For the first time in a very long time, someone on Big Brother 22 decided to play the game for himself and not for Cody. Enzo decided to try and win this week’s head of household contest instead of following Cody’s lead, and it didn’t work out well with Cody and Nicole.

It really seems like everyone is playing this game for Cody, and it just doesn’t make sense to me. And since the HOH competition was the main plot point of this episode, let’s get right to the point. Oh, I should say there was a brief Memphis memorial right before we joined the players starting the HOH competition.

As we saw King Kaysar present in last Thursday’s episode, this competition is called Knight Moves, and it’s the famous “I Sealed Your Partner’s Fate” competition from Big Brother 6. For the competition, the three players must move strategically around the chessboard to knock out their opponents. The goal is to ensure that the other players do not have any more blows. This last player standing on the chessboard wins.

During the competition, Enzo decides to play for himself for the first time this season and that frustrates Cody and Nicole. Cody says it’s him against Christmas and Enzo is just trying to win HOH. Yeah, Cody, that’s how Big Brother works. And if Enzo wins HOH, you’re safe either way. So who cares? Throughout the season people have been playing for Cody and the moment someone wants to play for himself he goes crazy.

And since Cody has no more moves, he’s out. And he complains of sacrificing himself. But Christmas only has one move anyway, so everything works. She’s next. Enzo wins HOH. What’s the matter, Cody?

Noel is not devastated by Enzo’s victory as she believes there is a chance she won’t be on the block because they have worked together for much of the season. But she doesn’t seem to realize that Cody is Enzo’s No.1.

Nicole tells Cody how upset she is that Enzo isn’t playing the game for Cody. This is absurd. I hate to editorialize in a recap, but the way Cody and Nicole act on Enzo wanting to win HOH is just ridiculous.

Christmas tells Enzo that she doesn’t want to be around anymore. He keeps saying the veto is what matters, but she thinks he really wants her out of the bloc. And she tells him that she’s taking him to Final 3. Enzo lets us know that his dream of Final 3 is himself, Noel and Cody because they both take him to Final 2.

So what is he going to do? Of course, the nominations don’t matter, but he must drive one of them crazy. Noel really doesn’t want to come up, and if he names Cody it might just drive an extra wedge between them that started with this HOH contest.

And since this Final 4 is so boring, we get a segment of Nicole sneezing. This could be a new low, folks.

It’s finally time for the nomination ceremony. And Enzo decides to name Noël and Nicole for the eviction, and it goes without saying that Christmas is not happy.


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