Envision announces its second wind farm in France and its successful sale to TRIG


PARIS, October 23, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Developed and built by Velocita Energies, the French subsidiary of Envision Group, the “Vannier-Amance” wind farm will produce 111 GWh per year and supply 52,000 people with renewable energy. The wind farm will be powered by 17 Envision EN131-2.5 MW wind turbines, perfectly suited to the wind conditions in the region. Currently under construction, this 43 MW project should be commissioned in spring 2022.This second Envision wind farm will follow in the footsteps of the “Entre Tille et Venelle” wind farm, a 40 MW project in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, which also uses the EN131-2.5 MW wind turbines from Envision and was also acquired by TRIG.

The sale of “Vannier-Amance” was carried out through a call for tenders launched by Envinergy, a consulting firm specializing in the intermediation of renewable energy projects. The project was financed by French and European banks via non-recourse financing.

“We are very happy that TRIG has given us complete confidence by investing a second time in a fleet equipped with Envision wind turbines. This marks a new step in the partnership between our two organizations, ”says Dorothée Privat, CFO of Envision Europe.

Eric Caradec, CEO of Velocita Energies, declares: “This second Envision wind farm demonstrates a deep and continuous commitment to support the energy transition by France, and TRIG’s investment attests to the quality of our projects and our services. Envision’s smart turbine technology has proven its ability to effectively address areas with low wind speeds, opening up new territories for wind power generation. After this sale, we will continue to provide our know-how to ensure excellence through the construction, operation and maintenance of the fleet for years to come with the support of Envision Digital’s AIoT monitoring and optimization solutions. .

“Vannier-Amance” will be TRIG’s fourteenth wind investment in France, strengthening the group’s presence in the country. “We are happy to have developed our partnership with the Envision group by France, which we see as a key market for TRIG ”, states Richard Crawford, Director, Infrastructure chez InfraRed Capital Partners, Investment Manager chez TRIG.

About the “Vannier-Amance” wind farm

The “Vannier-Amance” wind farm is located in 3 communes of Haute-Marne (52) to the south-east of Langres (Fayl-Billot, Pressigny and Pierremont-sur-Amance). Composed of 17 machines, for a total installed power of 43 MW, it should produce 111 GWh per year, the equivalent of the electricity consumption of the inhabitants of Châlons and Langres.

Developed and built by Velocita Energies, this is the 2nd wind farm on which the Envision brand turbines will be installed in France. Construction has already started and will continue throughout the year until summer 2021. Operation and maintenance will be provided by Velocita Energies for the life of the park (25 years).

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Envision Energy
Envision Group is one of the world’s leading green technology companies. With a mission to “solve challenges for a sustainable future,” Envision designs, sells and operates smart wind turbines through Envision Energy, AIoT-powered batteries through Envision AESC, and the world’s largest AIoT operating system through Envision Digital. It also owns a leading Formula E team, Envision Virgin Racing. The Envision Group was named one of the top 10 companies among the 50 smartest companies in the world in 2019 by the MIT Technology Review. Envision is a driver of innovation, supported by a global network of R&D and engineering centers spanning the Americas, L’Europe  and Asia. www.envision-group.com

Speed ​​energies
Since 2011, Velocita Energies has been developing, financing, building and operating wind farms in France. The company has 35 employees who have the skills to carry out a project and manage a wind farm. At the end of 2016, Velocita joined Envision Energy, the 5th largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world with more than 10,000 machines installed. Velocita Energies thus has new capacities to develop projects, forge partnerships, work on repowering or acquire projects at any stage of progress. To date, Velocita Energies has 193 MW in service and is building 43 MW in 2020. https://www.velocitaenergies.fr

The Renewables Infrastructure Group Limited
TRIG (The Renewables Infrastructure Group Limited) aims to provide stable and long-term investments to its clients. TRIG invests in a diversified portfolio of renewable energy assets in the UK and L’Europe . The company is managed by InfraRed Capital Partners, a London– international investment manager based on 12 billion dollars in equity, and by Renewables Energy Systems (RES), one of the world’s leading promoters and operators of renewable infrastructure projects. Since its inception over 25 years ago, InfraRed has launched 17 funds, including two companies listed on the London Stock Exchange: HICL Infrastructure Company Limited and The Renewables Infrastructure Group. www.trig-ltd.com

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