EndSARS: Runtown, John Boyega, Small Doctor insist police brutality against SARS in Nigeria must end as #EndSARS protest on Twitter goes viral


The cry of “EndSARS”, many young people pipo for Nigeria, screams as the #ENDSARS protest begins on day two for Lagos, Abuja, Ughelli, Benin and parts of di Kontri.

Di Youth demand government to ban police unit completely – Special Anti Robbery Squad wey dem accused of a lot of brutality.

Meanwhile, police in Abuja are not arresting some of the protesters after firing tear gas to drive them away.

#ENDSARS becomes the number one Twitter trend on Friday for fun of Nigeria.

Nigerian and British-born Hollywood actor John Boyega joins the movement on #EndSARSImmediately #EndSarsProtests #EndSARS #EndSARSProtest.

Actress Genevive Nnaji also expresses support for #EndSARS

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari will soon take action after the #ENDSARS protest and the action is taking place in the best interests of Nigerians.

The president’s personal new media assistant, Bashir Ahmad, tweeted in the evening, said the inspector general of police, who has already been briefed on the presidency of the mata.

“EndSARS” photos across Nigeria

Nigerian celebrity Runtown and Falz are leading the protest who have been turning to Lagos since Thursday.

Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police banned the unit from making arrests and searches and set up roadblocks on Sunday, October 4 as spirits bubbled with daily harassment and police brutality many claim that SARS officers committed.

IGP Mohammed Adamu has also said that members of the Special Anti-Theft Squad (Sars) must always wear uniforms, but Nigerians want Sars to end completely, so dem enta road protests are happening across di kontri .

Singer Small Doctor led the Agege Lagos protesters to #EndSarsNow.

Leading musician Davido also tweeted: “My people need me…. #EndSarsNow. “

After receiving pressure from fans to publicly support the protests, DJ Cuppy also turned to #EndPoliceBrutality and #EndSARS.

Di EndSARS demonstration also takes place for Ibadan

Some of the protesters tweet complaining to the police that the tear gas calls for a peaceful protest.

As young Nigerians enta road dey shout fin sars, President Muhammadu Buhari receives a briefing from National Security Advisor Major General Babagana Monguno (Rtd), coordinator of the presidential amnesty program, Col. Milland Dixon Dikio (Rtd ) Friday escort to State House, Abuja.

What is the bottom of the last pallet?

For years, videos show SARS operatives extorting and assaulting civilians have spread on social media.

Nigerian Inspector General of Police bin Don last weekend banned unit from checking and searching and setting up roadblocks

Tori be says Nigerian youth and celebrities are calling for government to completely ban the police unit – Special Anti Robbery Squad wey dem accused of a lot of brutality.

«Ughelli #EndSARS Palava»

Former Nigerian Police Chief Mohammed Adamu sentences #EndSARS protester to attack police officers and damage a police operation vehicle.

Police tok tok pesin Frank Mba for a statement Friday, saying protesters attack and kill a policeman named Etaga Stanley and Sergeant Patrick Okuone.

Protesters also saw the dead policeman AK47’s rifle with 25 live cartridges.

Di IGP says police do not tolerate attacks on a police officer by protesters.

Oga Adamu orders the Delta State Police Commissioner to peek over di mata and find those who kill the policeman and face them against the law.

Abuja bin police arrest #EndSARS protesters after firing tear gas to disperse them.

Protesters must be members of the rights group, bin enta street to do we-no go gree and join oda Nigerians wey di ask goment to scrap di Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

The protesters who come out in large numbers begin with a peaceful waka from the Unity Fountain but as soon as they reach the central area, the police begin to brutally manipulate them and start shooting for air.

Brian Danis Wey Di Lead Di Protest Say Dem bin Gada for Unity Fountain and begin dia pacifique protest et dia destination na di police headquarters.

But as they reach the side of the central area for Abuja, the police start to roughly handle them and just start shooting for air and the protesters start running – but if we think our mind refuses to run.

But as it is, police officers start at first and have no choice but to run for life.

Police later released four Wey Chop Pesins arrested by police during the protest were released. They were taken away by officers from the Maitama Police Station.

FCT police spokeswoman Mariam Yusuf said that according to information she had, the protesters were dispersed with minimal force.

But protesters insist that it is a basic right to peaceful assembly and that the police aim to scata even if dem bin dey peaceful and have no intention of causing chaos.

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