Endgame Trash director talks MCU stars for charity


Avengers: Endgame trashy director talks MCU stars for charity. Joe Russo directed the epic Infinity Saga arc finale with his brother Anthony Russo. The Russo Brothers were also responsible for directing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.

Infinity war and End of Game were the two films that had the monumental task of uniting all the players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for one last epic battle against Thanos. By the time the Russos were in post-production for Civil war, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige wanted them to lead the epic two-part finale. The Russo Brothers have certainly proven themselves to be up to the task. End of Game generating $ 1.2 billion worldwide during the film’s opening weekend. End of Game It was the final chapter for many MCU stars, while for others it was just the start.

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Joe Russo certainly didn’t play any favorites, with the stars of the MCU in a fun new trashy chat video for the AGBO Superhero League. Russo hilariously roasts everyone from Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Karen Gillan and last year’s fantasy football league champion Chris Hemsworth. Russo competes with 14 other MCU stars in the fantasy football league for charity. Check out Russo’s trashy chat video, below:

While the entire video is comedic gold, one epic line in particular was Russo’s dig at Robert Downey Jr. ” Robert Downey Jr. has been on another planet since 1965 ”, as the video cuts to Robert Downey Jr. in a legitimate bunny costume, with epic jumps. Russo also has an epic undertone for Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds, throwing himself into a dig into how alcohol brand Reynold’s Aviation Gin was sold for $ 610 million. Overall, Russo’s video is a fun way to reunite with MCU fan favorites, in a year where countless MCU movies like Black Widow were delayed. It will be interesting to see how Russo’s epic roasting video is received. He currently sits near the bottom of the table in 11th place, so his competition shouldn’t be too worried.

While the Russos currently have no new MCU movies on their director list, they have produced a documentary called Fight, examining the rivalry between Marvel and DC comics. Still, it’s for their work as a director on Avengers: End of Game that they will be forever remembered, giving an iconic and fitting finale to the original Avengers. Roasting aside, the Russos have treated MCU characters with respect and left a legacy for Marvel fans for years to come.

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Source: AGBO Superhero League

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