Eli Lilly Ends Covid-19 Antibody Trial After Finding Unlikely To Help Hospital Patients



Eli Lilly said on Monday he would end a US-based clinical trial for his treatment with antibodies to the coronavirus, as data indicates the treatment is unlikely to help coronavirus patients recover from advanced stages of the disease, a decision that comes two weeks after the trial was suspended. citing a potential safety issue.


No additional patients will participate in the trial conducted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health.

Eli Lilly said there was “insufficient evidence” that the treatment improves clinical outcomes when added to other treatments for patients hospitalized for coronavirus.

Eli Lilly said he would pursue further trials for his antibody treatment against the coronavirus, including a study in patients recently diagnosed with mild to moderate illness, a phase two trial for outpatients recently diagnosed with the virus and a phase three trial for the prevention of coronavirus in residents and staff of long-term care facilities.

Based on data from the phase two trial, Eli Lilly said he was “confident” that the therapy could prevent the progression of the coronavirus in people in the early stages of the disease.


President Trump has claimed that an experimental antibody cocktail prepared by Regeneron that was given to him was a “cure” and he has said positive things about Eli Lilly’s antibody therapy in recent videos. Trump’s confidant, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, said he received the experimental antibody treatment from Eli Lily when he was hospitalized with coronavirus this month. He had attended the September 26 event held at the White House to announce the appointment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. At least 14 people present have since tested positive.

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