Egypt: child loses arm, mother injured in shark attack


Ukrainian tourists were attacked by a shark while swimming in the Ras Mohammed National Reserve on Sunday, the Ukrainian National Agency for Tourism Development said in a statement.The tourists were taken to Sharm International Hospital for treatment: the mother had deep bite wounds, while the child had an amputated upper limb below the elbow and suffered from deep back injuries, the statement said. , citing the Ukrainian Embassy in Egypt.

All activities have been suspended near the Sharm el-Sheikh Ras Mohammed dive site, Egyptian news agency Al-Ahram reported on Tuesday.

Five people, including the two Ukrainian tourists and a tour guide, were injured in the attack, according to Al-Ahram.

The shark was an oceanic shark estimated to be two meters in length, Al-Ahram reported, citing a task force formed by the country’s environment minister to investigate the attack.

The group said a video filmed underwater in the area of ​​the attack showed “the shark’s abnormal behavior characterized by hostilities against humans,” Al-Ahram reported.


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