Edinburgh Airport drop-off fees double as bosses aim to recover money lost to coronavirus


Edinburgh airport bosses have doubled their controversial ‘drop off’ fees as part of a series of changes to ‘survive a gloomy winter’. The £ 2 charge will now drop to £ 4 as Chiefs attempt to recover some of the money lost to the coronavirus.

Scottish transport hubs have been devastated by the pandemic with a collapse in passenger numbers and overseas visitors.

Empty record lines

But as the drop-off fee increases, the airport pick-up fee will drop from £ 1 to £ 4.

The deposit period has also been increased to ten minutes.

Edinburgh Airport bosses say the changes were influenced by the ‘severe impact of Covid-19’ as passenger numbers fell 91% from last year and are not expected to rise. straighten out before 2022 at the earliest.

With projected losses of £ 60million in 2020, the changes are expected to help boost incomes and save as many jobs as possible while ensuring the airport can ‘survive a very dark winter’.

Gordon Dewar, Managing Director of Edinburgh Airport, told Edinburgh Live: “The changes will make it easier for users to understand, as requested in most of the feedback we have received, as will the doubling of usage time in this domain.

“We will also offer incentives to those who own electric cars as we move towards more sustainable modes of transportation.

“However, we cannot deny that the drastic impact of Covid-19 has also forced our hand on the price change.

“We have a 91% drop in the number of passengers, with fewer routes and airlines operating, and we have to operate with a quarantine policy which is a travel ban in everything but name.

“All of this is having a drastic impact on finances and at the moment we stand to lose £ 60million in 2020 making it extremely difficult for us to stay competitive and bring these airlines and routes back in the months to come, unless we increase the income to survive very dark winter.

“Most importantly, we don’t want to lose more staff – we want to preserve as many jobs as possible.

“We have already had to say goodbye to a third of our workforce through no fault of their own and we have done so to resize the airport, but predicting the number of future passengers is almost impossible at the moment, so we don’t know what size it will be.

“To make sure we’re ready to recover, we need to have the staff that allows us to do that. ”

The new terminal is £ 7million will also open in November and was reportedly made possible through drop-off and pick-up fees.

But some locals were left angered by the changes.

Kev. R tweeted: “Edinburgh Airport – modern highway thieves.

“Increased their deposit fee to £ 4 per deposit.

“So any bettor coming to Edinburgh Airport to drop off a loved one. That’s a 100% increase over 2018. Flight in the light of day! “


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