Due to COVID-19, warnings from health experts, Thanksgiving numbers will be more moderate this year – CBS New York


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges Americans to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 during the upcoming holiday season.Already, many are saying they will scale back their plans for Thanksgiving gatherings, CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported on Tuesday.

Stew Leonard’s is gearing up for a Thanksgiving like no other, after hearing from guests like Ardys Persson, who is expecting half of the crowds she welcomed last year.

“I have a son in college who was told he had to take an exam before he could say hello to grandma. I don’t think my in-laws are planning to come at all. It’s a terrible year all around, ”said Persson, who lives in Southport, Conn.


CEO Stew Leonard Jr. said the company has interviewed 4,000 customers about their Thanksgiving plans.

“Nine out of 10 of them said it was smaller this year,” Leonard said.

So Leonard had to talk about turkey with his supplier, a family farm in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

“Could you do us a favor and send us 20% less large turkeys and 20% more smaller ones, around 15, 16 pounds,” Leonard said.

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The grocery chain will also be offering smaller “take-out” holiday meals for four instead of eight.

The CDC says low-risk vacation gatherings and activities include dining with just your household, virtual dinner with loved ones, and viewing sporting events and parades online.


If you’re expanding the guest list beyond your household, health experts recommend assessing the risk to your family members and carefully inviting guests.

“What are their own risk factors? Who do they actually interact with? Some people have high risk jobs. Some people are on the move. Is grandma coming? Will a guest who has a chronic illness come? said family doctor Dr Natasha Bhuyan.

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“I think there is always a fear that older family members will be exposed by younger family members because younger members may be asymptomatic and older members would be the most vulnerable,” he said. said George Latimer, Westchester County Director. .

With coronavirus rates rising, it won’t be the vacation that many are used to.

The CDC says if you’re expanding your list beyond immediate family, it’s best to gather outside if space and time allow.

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