Dubai’s bright lights evoke Israel’s Arabs but pose a quandary


But the diplomatic agreements that created these opportunities were denounced by the Palestinian leadership as a betrayal of the strategy of subordinating relations with Arab countries to the creation of a Palestinian state.

Some Arab citizens of Israel, many of whom identify as Palestinians, fear taking advantage of it at the expense of Palestinians in the occupied territories.

Mr Khashab, a master’s student at Tel Aviv University who also works for a large US tech company, said the UAE job market could significantly expand its horizons.

In Israel, the startup ecosystem is dominated by entrepreneurs who met in the military, from which Arabs are exempt, he said. Many Arabs, therefore, are attracted to jobs in multinational technology companies, where they integrate more easily.

The UAE’s investments or employment opportunities could be an equalizer, he said.

But Mr Khashab’s hometown of Qalansawe is about two miles from the West Bank, and he said he was “constantly aware” that an accident of birth could have left him with far fewer opportunities.

“I don’t think I could go if it turns out it’s just an arms deal,” he said, referring to reports linking the UAE deal to its efforts to purchase F-35 fighters from the United States.


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