Draymond Green hits back at calls to suspend Anthony Davis after punching Jae Crowder


Draymond Green doesn’t want the Lakers’ Anthony Davis suspended for a blow to Jae Crowder of the Heat in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Speaking to Twitter, the Golden State Warrior star made it clear that he doesn’t think Davis needs to be suspended and that he wants the championship decided on the pitch.

Draymond Green knows a thing or two about the suspensions affecting the course of the final. In 2016, he was suspended for Game 5 of the Finals after receiving his fourth flagrant foul in the playoffs. That would lead the Cleveland Cavaliers under LeBron James to win Game 5, and ultimately the series. Many believed Green’s missed game was a turning point in the series.

The potential for a suspension stems from Davis’ blow to the Heat wing Jae Crowder. The NBA has said that after looking at previously unseen angles to the incident, it will not suspend the seven-time All Star, according to NBC Sports’ Kurt Helin. Draymond Green agrees with this decision.

I was able to see other angles of the incident (which are not public) – particularly the base camera angle – and from those angles Davis grabs Crowder more in the neck and pushes him, this n isn’t a punch. It should have been a common fault in my opinion, but from these angles you might even argue if it’s a fault.

The NBA is reviewing all footage from every game for this type of incident. Sources told NBC Sports that after looking at it from all angles, the contact was not considered worthy of blatant.

The Lakers and Heat will face off in Game 6 on Sunday night. Draymond Green will watch.

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