Dr Hilary warns Trump may not be ‘out of the woods’ as he heard cough during interview


Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary Jones had his say in the confusion surrounding US President Donald Trump’s coronavirus battle.Trump tested positive for Covid-19 last week, before undergoing experimental treatment in hospital.

He now claims to be fine, addressing the nation and even stating that he might attend an upcoming rally.

But during an overnight interview in the United States, Trump was heard coughing and clearing his throat.

Amid questions about whether or not he still has the virus and whether he should isolate himself, Dr Hilary said the cough may not be a problem.

Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary Jones had his say amid confusion over US President Donald Trump’s coronavirus battle

Speaking on GMB, he revealed that it is often common for someone who has had Covid-19 to cough even when they are no longer contagious.

But he advised Trump to isolate himself, discussing his apparent shortness of breath in recent speeches.

He told hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard: “On the one hand, when you recover from Covid-19, you can have a persistent cough afterwards.

Donald Trump was heard coughing in a phone interview

“This is no reason to continue your time of self-isolation, to continue to isolate yourself. You can still cough but not be contagious to others.

“He was a little out of breath in the speeches he gave, he coughs, he clears his throat.

“It could be that he still has symptoms, it could well be that he shouldn’t go to a rally and meet a lot of people. I think it’s absolutely crazy he should be isolating himself right now. “

Dr Hilary slammed Trump for considering attending rally

He continued, “The treatment he has received is experimental… but there is no doubt that Covid-19 could cause him more problems in the future.

“Just because he’s undergoing treatment doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods.

“I think he’s setting a bad example for everyone, he should rest and regain his strength like any patient. ”

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