Donald Trump “received oxygen in the White House” and the next 48 hours are “critical”


Donald Trump has been given oxygen at the White House to fight the coronavirus and the next 48 hours are “critical,” an anonymous official told US media.Minutes after a public press briefing by the president’s doctor described him as “doing very well” and “in a very good mood,” an anonymous official gave a much darker assessment of the 74-year-old’s health. .

Dr Sean Conley had refused to answer categorically whether Trump, who is considered at high risk with Covid-19 due to his advanced age and obesity, had ever received oxygen.

Yesterday the 74-year-old man was hospitalized with “mild” symptoms. He walked to Marine One and was airlifted to Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda where he is currently being treated.

Doctors declined to provide critical details, according to the New York Times, leaving the impression that he was known to be ill sooner than expected.

One of the president’s official doctors who painted a rosier picture than the anonymous official

A person “familiar with the health of the president” told the publication: “The president’s vital signs over the past 24 hours were of great concern and the next 48 hours will be critical to his care.

“We are still not on a clear path to a full recovery.”

It’s unclear who the anonymous official is, but Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows was caught on camera during an on-camera briefing with the White House press corps and asking to get out of the case.

Tonight Trump tweeted from the hospital saying he “feels good.”

At today’s press conference, White House doctor Sean Conley told reporters the president is not currently on supplemental oxygen.

He declined to say if he had been on oxygen at any point during his treatment. He said: “None at the moment and yesterday with the team when we were all here he was not on oxygen. ”

He declined to say how much the president’s temperature had risen or what the heart and lung scans showed.

He also spoke of the “last 72 hours,” which sparked speculation he could suffer from the virus for longer.

A White House official has since clarified that Dr Conley meant it was Day 3 instead of 72 hours.

Trump posted video saying ‘I think I’m doing great’ after his diagnosis

Rebecca Ballhaus, Wall Street Journal White House correspondent, tweeted: “White House official clarifies Dr. Conley’s timeline. He says Conley meant it was day three, not 72 hours – the diagnosis was made Thursday night – and Garibaldi meant it had been two days, not 48 hours, since the Regeneron was given on Thursday night. .

It is still unclear how and when President Trump caught the virus. He has attended several events in recent days without wearing a mask.

He was also in close contact this week with Hope Hicks, a trusted counselor whose own positive test was announced on Thursday, a day after she began to feel ill.

Hicks traveled with Trump to Ohio on Tuesday for the debate against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. He tested negative for the coronavirus.

Trump leaves Marine One after landing at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

President Trump attended a campaign rally in Duluth, Minn on Wednesday.

Sources close to Trump told US media that the president appeared “tired” on Thursday when he gave birth at his Bedminster golf club.

And on Friday, the president “had trouble breathing” and “very tired”.

It is also unclear when President Trump last tested negative.

In July, Donald Trump contradicted his press secretary Kayleigh McEnamy who told reporters that he was tested “several times a day”.

Trump said he takes tests every two to three days.


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