Donald Trump News LIVE – President exits second ‘virtual’ presidential debate with Biden in US election bombing


DONALD Trump caused a stir during the second presidential debate after officials decided it should be held virtually.

The Commission on Presidential Debates said the change was vital to “protect the health and safety of all,” adding that the debate was to be held in the form of a town hall meeting.

But shortly after the announcement, the president told Fox Business, “I’m not doing a virtual debate,” calling it a “waste of time” and adding “they cut you off when they want to” .

The moderator, Steve Scully of C-Span, and the debate audience were to be located in Miami, Florida, with Trump attending from the White House.

This decision was intended in part to remove any concern that President Trump could still be contagious about his ongoing battle with coronaviruses and pose a risk to Biden, members of the public or debate staff.

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