Donald Trump hails ‘biggest and best’ economic recovery in history ahead of US election


Mr Trump hailed “explosive economic growth” and repeatedly called for “33.1% of” more “.He added, “We’re never going to lock down again. We understood the disease. Joe Biden’s plan is to put in place punitive lockdowns. He’s going to lock you up. ”

Mr. Biden was attending a drive-in event in Tampa, with attendees staying remotely in their cars.

He said, “I’m not going to shut down the economy, I’m going to stop the virus.

“We are in a deep hole and President Trump’s inability to act meant third quarter growth was not enough to get us out of this. ”

He added: “The recovery is slowing if not stopping. And the recovery that is occurring is helping those at the top, but leaving behind tens of millions of working families and small businesses. ”

Republicans were hoping Mr. Trump would make the economy his closing argument with voters.

He has spent the past few days extending unsubstantiated corruption charges against Mr Biden and his son Hunter.

The president consistently performs well in polls on voter confidence in the economy, usually a key indicator of presidential elections.

GDP figures showed the fastest growth since the US government began setting records in 1947, double the previous record of 16.7% set in 1950.

It followed a record 31.4% withdrawal rate in the second quarter of this year, which plunged the United States into the deepest recession since the Great Depression.


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