Donald Trump chokes on cough as he struggles to recover from Covid-19


Donald Trump stifled a cough while delivering a speech in a visibly hoarse voice during a White House speech today.The president claimed to feel like “Superman” after suffering from Covid-19 last week.

He claimed that a cocktail of drugs given to him during his stay at Walter Reed Medical Hospital made him feel “powerful”, and told crowds at crowded gatherings, largely without a mask, that he was now “immune” to the virus.

But Trump made his way through a speech to the Economic Club of New York in the White House rose garden this afternoon.

He delivered the speech just hours before First Lady Melania Trump revealed that their son, Barron, 14, had also tested positive for coronavirus.

She said he had not experienced any symptoms and had since tested negative.

In a statement, she wrote, “In a way, I was happy that the three of us went through this at the same time so that we could take care of each other and spend time together.

President Trump is on his way to Des Moines, Iowa, to approach his third rally in critical critical condition in as many days – less than two weeks after confirming he tested positive for the disease.

Speaking last night in Pennsylvania, the president told the crowd, “I could have stayed in the basement of the White House – or maybe on the top floor of the White House – I could have done it. but I am the President of the United States. , I can not do that.

“I have to go out and I have to meet people and I have to see people. ”

He added: “And I know it’s risky to do that. But you have to do what you have to do. You know, I’m the president.

“I can’t sit in the basement and say ‘let’s wait until this is over’. I’m not going to do this.

“And now I’m immune,” they tell me. I am immune.


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