Dolphins are first favored under Brian Flores


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The Dolphins have won some of their 21 games since Brian Flores became their head coach and they have lost others, but one thing has remained the same for everyone.

They have been the underdogs according to the bookmakers every time they’ve taken the field since the start of the 2019 season. That should change this weekend and they should become big favorites.

Miami is favored by 9.5 points heading into Sunday’s game against a 0-5 Jets team that will start Joe Flacco at quarterback for the second straight week. The changed circumstances do not change the way Flores wants the team to approach Sunday’s game, however.

“I don’t take anyone lightly,” Flores said. “This will be my message to the team. This is how we should approach every game. This is how every team and player in the NFL should approach every game. It’s the best of the best. Each team has good players. If you walk into a game thinking someone is going to fold, you will probably get the opposite, in my experience, in my time in this league.

The Dolphins were the final favorites in Week 16 of the 2018 season. They were three-point favorites against the Jaguars and lost 17-7 in what turned out to be the current coach’s penultimate game. -Jets chief Adam Gase as head coach in Miami.


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