Does “The Mandalorian” have enough room to grow?


When the pandemic forced major Hollywood studios to (mainly) push their blockbusters to 2021 or beyond, Lucasfilm didn’t have to deal with any major adjustments. The Disney-owned company responsible for everything Star wars was already planning a break for its theatrical releases, a wise move given the bitter taste that The Rise of Skywalker, the latest entry in the nine-part Skywalker saga, left for the majority of fans at the end of last year. But despite The Rise of Skywalker Undermining a lot of goodwill for Disney’s latest Star Wars trilogy, the franchise has received new life from an unlikely source: a live-action TV series on a fledgling streaming service following the adventures of a bounty hunter and a 50 year old baby. .

To be fair, that streaming service was Disney +, which quickly developed a stronghold in Streaming Wars, the bounty hunter in question was in the mold of Star wars icon Boba Fett, and Baby was a Force-wielding meme creator of the enigmatic species of Yoda. (He’s technically known as “the kid,” but let’s face it, the name “Baby Yoda” is pretty much canon at this point, even if it isn’t. literally Baby Yoda.) But it’s still a bit disorienting that the first season of The Mandalorian was not just a good television, Emmy winner, but a potential window into what the future Star wars might look like this, especially now that Disney’s biggest priority as a business is streaming.


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