Do Amazon jobs represent 1,400 traffic loads? The French region is Split


An Amazon spokesperson declined to comment on the Fournès project, which is being led by French warehouse developer Argan. But Amazon is widely promoting its environmental conscience and promise to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040, to the point of purchasing the naming rights to a hockey arena in its hometown of Seattle, and call it Climate Pledge Arena.

Meanwhile, the American web giant wants to expand its presence in France as it continues its international expansion. Since its arrival in 2000, Amazon has become a favorite in France, capturing nearly half of online spending in 2019.

It has deepened its grip around the world as quarantined consumers ramped up internet shopping, bringing in $ 88.9 billion in global sales in the second quarter, up 40% from the previous year.

Amazon operates nine warehouses and sorting centers in France, at least five in the poorest regions with high unemployment. They employ 9,300 full-time workers and the company is reportedly looking to at least double the number of facilities. The sorting center near Fournès would be smaller than a huge pick-and-pack warehouse, according to Argan’s proposal, but would greatly increase local traffic, with more than 1,400 vans and delivery trucks coming in and out daily. .


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