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With three episodes to our credit, there are still many questions about the third season of Star Trek: Discovery. Some of the cast on the show have spoken and we’ve found some of the more interesting answers. There is also a new Room ready to discover with Jonathan Frakes and an excerpt from next week’s episode.

The discovery remains in the 32nd century

In case you were wondering if Discovery may return home on the 23rd, or head to another era, Doug Jones (Saru) makes it clear to Collider that they stay where they are:

« [The show] has changed enormously. We’re boldly going where no Star Trek series has gone before, and it was a permanent leap into the future. 930 years. So not just a few years. We’ve gone into a whole new era with a whole new set of rules, new customs, all new. What it did for the writers, though, we were playing ten years before the original series in the first two seasons. We started having to buy into the canon and make sure that whatever we did didn’t affect subsequent seasons, the canon, and the storylines they’ve already filmed. Now we have moved forward where writers have the freedom to create from scratch. It’s exciting, and we will explore new worlds and new creatures and of course longing for all the species you already know, we will be visiting them again but with new relationships with each other than what you know. It’s exciting to see how the galaxy has changed over these 930 years.

Doug Jones comme Saru dans «People of Earth»

We will visit the world of books

The third season introduced the Cleveland “Book” character Booker, which still remains a bit of a mystery. Actor David Ajala spoke to ET about how Book’s story will be explored:

Yeah, absolutely. The season is about identity and people find their identity or re-establish understanding of their identity in uncharted territory. Booker is someone who has to re-evaluate certain things about their own identity, and that only happens thanks to the first meeting with Michael Burnham. Throughout the season, we’ll see more of his backstory come undone. And there are specific episodes where it’s all the world of Book, where it’s from, which is what really excites me. There is a specific episode to bring him home.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham and David Ajala as book in “People of Earth”

Blu del Barrio explains how Adira will come out as non-binary

When it was first announced that non-binary actor Blu Del Barrio was joining Discovery, CBS pointed out how they would play a non-binary character. However, when Adira de del Barrio was introduced this week, the character was mentioned using female pronouns. Speaking to Forbes, del Barrio explained that the character’s exit journey matched theirs:

“I’ve had a difficult experience all my life with the genre,” they said. “When I got this role, I still had questions. I knew I wasn’t cisgender, but I hadn’t really dated for anyone. I had to talk to myself, my friends and my parents.
“Even though I was excited to get a non-binary role, my first emotion was just pure joy to be able to play something that would allow me to explore more. Right after that came the whole impostor syndrome of, you know, ‘It shouldn’t be me, it should be somebody else that’s been out longer, who knows each other better.’
Their resolution of that feeling was for Adira and del Barrio to grow together in confidence as the shoot progressed. “I wanted Adira’s trip to reflect mine. I didn’t want to do anything that I hadn’t already done, ”they said. “I didn’t want Adira to use the pronouns ‘they’ / ‘them’ until I got out. “

Blu del Barrio as Adira in “People of Earth”

Writers and Frakes talk about 32nd century Earth

Director Jonathan Frakes along with writers Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt joined host Wil Wheaton for this week’s episode of The room ready to give a preview of the making of episode 303 (“People of Earth”). The writers first spoke about their process of thinking about how to represent Earth in the 32nd century.

Lippoldt: You can try to figure out what technology was like, what cities would be like, and ultimately what we wanted is to show what humanity has become in the future. Really focused on how the attitude of humans on Earth would have changed.

Yeon Kim: Even in a post-Federation world, it’s still Earth that has passed through the Federation. So these people are much more enlightened than we are. It’s not like the way the Federation evolved in this xenophobic thinking. We really wanted to tell this story that whatever happened with The Burn, it created a lot of PTSD for people. Being so disconnected from the rest of the planets, the Earth began to change the rest of them in order to protect itself. Fear was the greatest weakness, even for people passing through the Federation, even for those who couldn’t protect themselves when passing through the Federation.

They also talked about how 303 was a “classic Star Trek story” where they wanted to tackle the theme of disconnection, leading to the storyline of Earth unknowingly fighting other humans. Frakes picked up on that and talked about his favorite scene in the episode is Wen’s big reveal as a human:

During this frankly comical moment where Georgiou knocks his helmet off his head… it’s one of the best moments of the series. And then they go on and they find that with your mask you are one. All the good things about Star Trek. Georgiou’s twist… let’s finish this thing, we’re in act four, I know how to move this story forward.

Yesterday, Frakes also shared this photo from the outdoor shoot on “People of Earth”

Watch the Ready Room including the 304 clip

The official after-show also has other behind-the-scenes footage, which Jeff Russo talks about scoring during a pandemic. There’s also a clip from next week’s episode. You can watch it in full below.

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