Denver Shooting Suspect Identified as “Private Security Officer” Hired by Local Channel, Police Says “No Antifa Affiliation”


    Un homme armé qui aurait tiré et tué un homme au milieu des manifestations du BLM et des patriotes de droite à Denver a été identifié comme une sécurité privée.  La police a déclaré qu'il n'était pas avec Antifa, alors que l'incident était politiquement motivé.

</p><div><p>Le suspect dans la fusillade mortelle d'une victime qui n'a pas encore été identifiée à Denver samedi est un agent de sécurité privé, a rapporté le département de police de Denver (DPD).

“Further investigation determined that the suspect is a private security officer with no affiliation with Antifa. Additional information will be posted as it becomes available. “ DPD tweeted.

9NEWS, an NBC-affiliated television station in Denver, Colorado, confirmed that the security guard was their contractor, responsible for ensuring the safety of a reporter at the scene.

“9NEWS hired the guard to accompany a 9NEWS employee covering an afternoon of competing protests nearby,” said the channel.

Police initially reported that two people had been taken into custody following the incident, which took place after 3:00 p.m. in Denver, as tensions soared between participants in a right-wing rally “Patriot Muster” and a BLM-Antifa Soup Drive duel, ‘staged by the Denver Communists.

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The channel admitted that the second person, who had been arrested and then released by police, was their producer.

9News noted that the producer does not face any charges arising from the incident.

“A 9NEWS producer who works in the investigation unit was not involved in the incident. The producer is no longer in police custody and is not a suspect. ”

By stating that the alleged shooter was not affiliated with Antifa, an unorganized far-left militant group, police apparently sought to dispel rumors that the shooter was a member of the BLM.

The Denver Post initially reported that the shots were fired after an altercation between a right-wing protester and “A leftist protester” saw the first run over the second, and the leftist protester then opened fire in response.

However, it didn’t take long for the newspaper to change its story, claiming that the police ” Challenged “ the report by the Denver Post reporter who was at the scene when the gunshot was fired “Regarding the affiliation of the shooter. “

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