Denise Welch lifts the veil on toxic feud with Piers Morgan and these sexy swimsuit pics


She has been open about her struggle with mental health for over three decades, and Denise Welch recently celebrated going a year without an “episode.” “It appeared on a Facebook souvenir on September 28 that it had been a year.
a long time for me.

The longest I’ve been to is 18 months, but over the years I get episodes every few months. It can come out of nowhere, ”she says.

Denise was first diagnosed with depression in 1989 after giving birth to her first son, Matt.

The Loose Women star, who quit drinking in 2012 with her husband Lincoln Townley, works with Mental Health First Aid England and shares her experiences with others.

“There is still ignorance on this topic and it is really helpful to listen to people who have first hand experience of it,” she says.

Denise Welch has opened up about her feud with Piers Morgan

Denise was recently embroiled in a public row with Good Morning Britain star Piers Morgan after she insisted the media was “sowing fear” in the coronavirus coverage.

She left Twitter and admitted she was taking a step back from social media.

When we reunite with the star – who is also the mother of son Louis, 19, with her ex-husband Tim Healy – she is spending a well-deserved vacation in Turkey with her father and her friend, Maggie Oliver.

“It was so nice to get away in the middle of everything that was going on,” she says.

Here Denise, 62, talks about Piers Morgan, her messy kitchen, and why she’ll still be posting swimwear photos in her 90s …

She wowed fans with her latest sexy swimsuit pic

Hi Denise. You film Loose Women from home on certain days – how is it?

The piece you see behind me is tidy, but if I were to move the camera slightly to the left, the dishes would be piled up because my dishwasher broke right before locking.

Often times I will have one of my husband’s paintings in the background as I can’t be bothered to clean the kitchen. It’s lovely to be back.

You were shocked by the show when talking about your son Louis moving to London. How are you?

It’s ridiculous because I’m in London every week. Louis said, “Mom, it’s not like you’re not going to see me. ”

But I say to myself: “I know, it’s like the end of an era”. It was difficult to walk into his room and see it empty, but I was able to salvage some of the cups he has built over the years. He is settling well in London.

And how is Matt?

Matthew is working on a solo project. I have two boys in the entertainment industry.

It’s a nightmare, but I’m proud of them both. I’m very lucky my boys both have good heads on their shoulders.

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What do you think of your public argument with Piers Morgan?

I just backed off now. I have enough. I said my play and tried to do what
I could for the sanity of the people who follow me.

Now I keep my head down and take care of myself and my family.

Why did you decide to quit Twitter?

For personal reasons, and I no longer comment on the state of the nation. I did what I could to quell the alarmist comments.

You looked superb in the photo of your swimsuit…

I always take a swimsuit photo. Not because I say, “Oh, look at me. If I wear a swimsuit and it gives another woman with all her bumps and cellulite the confidence to put on her costume, that’s great.

I will post photos in swimsuits up to 97 years old.

Denise insists she will keep posting her swimsuit snaps

What is your exercise regimen like at the moment?

I’m not the type to jump, so I try to walk as much as possible. I’ve had a lot of addictions in the past, and the only thing I’ve tried to get addicted to is exercise, but I can’t.

Your Loose Woman friend and colleague Andrea McLean recently revealed that she had been going through a nervous breakdown …

Hope I was a support for her. We’ve always been close – I’ve always been aware of Andrea’s condition.

Are you taking medication for depression?

I take an antidepressant and a hormone replacement tablet every day. Until they fly
them with my closed fist, I will take them until the day I burst my hooves.

Tell us about your involvement with Mental Health First Aid England…

They train people so that they can help people in the right way, and I am impressed that there is such a thing. Training is the mental health equivalent of physical first aid.


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