Demonstration of the cartoon of France Muhammed: Emmanuel Macron targeted in the demonstration of the London embassy | UK | News


Several hundred people gathered for the “Respect for the Prophet” rally in London after French President Emmanuel Macron defended the right to publish cartoons satirizing Mohammed. In total, officers made three arrests during the protest.

Protesters held signs stating “we will not tolerate disrespect for our beloved prophet” and “insult is not freedom of speech”.A photo of Mr Macron was burned while others were displayed depicting him as a demon.

The demonstrators also targeted a Louis Vuitton store which they surrounded by chanting “Shame on you” and “Allah Akbar”, Arabic for God is the greatest.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said: “The officers hired and encouraged the protesters to disperse, the majority left without a problem.

“Those who did not comply were dealt with by law enforcement.

“The officers made three arrests in total.

“Two people for Covid violations and one for possession of fireworks.

“13 people also came forward for review of a fixed penalty notice.”

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“There were people shouting ‘shame on you’ in a Louis Vuitton store.

“Then protest in front of the embassy. France is in mourning!

“No word from Sadiq Khan. I also never know where Cressida Dick is. Awful in every way.

Gerald Darmanin, the French interior minister, warned that further attacks were likely.

He commented: “We have to understand that there have been and will be other events such as these terrible attacks.

“We are at war against an ideology, an Islamist ideology.”

Earlier this month, Samuel Paty, a French teacher, was beheaded after showing caricatures of the Muslim prophet Muhammed during a free speech class.

The killer, 18-year-old Abdullakh Anzorov, was later shot dead by police.

After the murder, Mr. Macron defended the right to publish cartoons considered by some to be blasphemous.

In response, a campaign to boycott French products was launched in several Muslim countries and there were large anti-Macron rallies in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Lebanon.


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