Democrats protect Lindsey Graham candidate with plexiglass wall during election debate


In the South Carolina Senate race debate on Saturday night, social distancing wasn’t limited to two podiums thirteen feet apart.

Jaime Harrison, Senator Lindsey Graham’s Democratic Party challenger, was protected by a large plexiglass screen, and before the debate, his campaign manager tweeted that the outgoing senator should be quarantined.

As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, this week Mr. Graham had prolonged exposure to Senator Mike Lee, who has since tested positive for Covid-19 – according to CDC guidelines he should be in quarantine.

Fittingly, the first question of the night was about the coronavirus pandemic, the number of newly infected public officials over the past day, and whether politics had hampered the response to the virus.

Senator Graham responded first, defending the handling of the pandemic, saying “the virus is a problem that comes from China and not from Trump Tower.”

He then pivoted his response, swearing that thanks to his position on the Judiciary Committee, Justice Amy Coney Barrett would be upheld in the Supreme Court.

Mr Harrison said he was not going to blame President Donald Trump or anyone for the onset of the disease, but would blame it on being taken seriously.

“Tonight I take this seriously. That’s why I put this plexiglass. Because it’s not just about me, but the people in my life that I also have to take care of: my two boys, my wife, my grandmother, ”he says.

Mr Harrison lost his aunt to the coronavirus this summer.

The debate comes on the second day of the president’s hospitalization for coronavirus at Walter Reed Medical Center.

South Carolina has more than 151,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and has officially recorded 3,442 deaths from the virus.

There have been 7.4 million cases nationwide and more than 209,000 deaths.


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