Decision on tighter coronavirus restrictions in Cheshire West expected this week


Cheshire West chief Cllr Louise Gittins said the authority “is awaiting a decision this week” on his demand on the government to impose more restrictions on the borough.Cllr Gittins added: “We believe even stricter measures will need to be implemented in the future if cases continue to rise. ”

The news comes in the week in which East Cheshire ruler Cllr Sam Corcoran said a joint call on the government for more “enforcement powers” and resources to tackle the infection rate of the county did not see a response.

The “detailed nine-page document” co-authored between CEC, CWAC, Warrington Borough Council and the region’s local business partnership – separate from the restriction request – “sets out the rationale for each action, which is required of the government, and what additional resources are needed, ”said Cllr Corcoran.

He added: “I hope this time we will receive support for our suggestions. We try to work with the government to avoid the need for further restrictions on ourselves.

In the same video posted to Twitter, Cllr Corcoran also said that an earlier CEC request for more enforcement powers on September 22 only received radio silence from Whitehall.

However, the divergent views of Cllr Gittins and Cllr Corcoran on the additional restrictions – the CEC trying everything to avoid them and the CWAC actively seeking them – contradict past messages from the two authorities working together in partnership.

Previous CWAC Outbreak Board meetings have seen officials say they want to see the same measures implemented in both areas, Cllr Gittins commenting, “These measures come at a significant local cost, and we will present proposals in partnership with neighboring councils to ensure we are fully funded throughout our sub-region, as well as support measures for businesses that will be negatively affected.

“We are aware of the challenges posed by the new restrictions, but we believe it is the best option to combat this virus at this stage of the pandemic.”

At the October CEC cabinet meeting, Deputy Leader Cllr Craig Browne reiterated the authority’s position to act now to prevent further restrictions and revealed that the CEC had asked Cheshire MPs to do pressure for Westminster Council.

As of October 2, the CEC infection rate was 113 cases per 100,000 population, compared to 53.9 on September 25.

Comparatively, the CWAC infection rate is now 118.3, an increase from 65.6 the previous week.

All residents are invited to:

  • Observe the rule of six;
  • Wash your hands regularly;
  • Wear a face mask in places where social distancing can be difficult and;
  • Social distance of two meters
  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19 of high fever, continuous coughing and loss of taste or smell, then self-isolate immediately and get tested by calling 119 or visit the NHS website. If you have a positive test or are alerted by a tracer contact, play your part to protect your community by isolating yourself; it is now a legal obligation.


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