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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There is good news for a change regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.The death rate of patients hospitalized with the virus appears to be dropping considerably.

CBS2’s Dr Max Gomez explains why this is happening and why the danger is still so great.

The overall COVID-19 death rate fell from a high earlier this year, although recent spikes in cases may push it up again. The overall rate is the number of people who test positive for the coronavirus who actually die, but if you are hospitalized that death rate is much higher, but also decreasing.


At the start of the pandemic, when we knew next to nothing about this new coronavirus, doctors tried almost everything to save people’s lives. It was at this time that the inpatient death rate peaked at around 25%. Since then, medical care has improved dramatically.

“Both with drugs, like steroids, but also with general care. We’re not rushing to put people on ventilation. We put people on their stomachs to breathe better. We know you need to watch for complications like blood clots… and kidney failure, ”said Dr. Leora Horwitz of the NYU Goodman School of Medicine.

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Horwitz studied inpatients in the NYU Langone healthcare system and found that the death rate was now significantly reduced, to around 7.6%. It’s pretty much the same as another inpatient study in England.

But improving medical care may not be all.

“It’s probably also that our hospitals aren’t that crowded, and it’s, I think, also possible that because people mask themselves and stay away, even if they are infected, infected, they get less. a dose of virus, ”said Horwitz. .


Equally useful, the age range of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 is also younger and healthier, perhaps because young people pay less attention to social distancing and wearing masks.

And we’re starting to see a wide range of short- and long-term health issues in people recovering from their acute coronavirus infection. So it’s not just a question of the death rate.

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