DC Cowboys Mike Nolan Feels Heat After Hot Sauce Crash On Conference Call


FRISCO, Texas – When the Dallas Cowboys practice Wednesday, defensive coordinator Mike Nolan could be on the injury report. The reason? Tabasco.Nolan had to step away from his weekly conference call with reporters on Monday because he got hot sauce in his eyes in the middle of answering a question about the effectiveness of pass-rusher DeMarcus Lawrence.

“He’s been active every week as far as, I think, disrupting the quarterback. He escaped several times to do it, ”Nolan said. “Obviously, the frustration for him too is – look, it’s when he misses them. Oops, excuse me. I have something in my eyes. I just had Tabasco on my finger, and it went in my eyes. was not good. Ugh. Terrible, my God. I am sorry. ”

It’s been that kind of season for Nolan.

The Cowboys are on track to allow 555 points this season. They gave up 243 points, which is more than what they gave up in 11 seasons in franchise history, not counting the strike season in 1982, and equal to what they allowed in 1992.

Nolan was able to clean his eye and return to the press conference.

“My eye feels a lot better,” he said, “but it was burning. “


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