David Crosby slammed for Eddie Van Halen’s “rude” remark


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Van Halen fans criticized his “rude” remark and challenged him to find something better, with LA Guns star Tracii Guns raging: “Wrong answer like f – and rude like f – !!! There are better ways to say that you don’t care about someone’s music. It was very disrespectful. And yes right away f – you and your sufficient answer.

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The backlash prompted Crosby to return to social media and add, “(Jimi) Hendrix has changed the world of guitar. No one else really. I understand… many of you liked Van Halen… and the one time I met him he was nice… and he was talented… meh to me means I don’t care… and I don’t… mean that he was not good, he was but not for me.


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