David Crosby dug the hole with a dismissive tweet from Van Halen


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Last week most of the modern music world collectively mourned the passing of iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen, a performer whose impact on rock and metal continues to resonate. We say “most of the modern music world” because it doesn’t seem to affect David Crosby in the slightest. How do we know Crosby felt a little ‘Meh’ about Van Halen’s death? Well, because he literally tweeted “Meh …” asked about it.

Would you be surprised to learn that the internet, including quite a few people in the industry, was having a strong reaction to Crosby’s occasional dismissal? Testament Alex Skolnick slammed the tweet and LA Guns guitarist Tracii Guns called it “rude as shit !!! Others became downright vitriolic, cramming expressions of fury into his responses.

Despite Dee Snider’s anger (that one just rolled over her tongue), Crosby then managed to push her back simultaneously. and double down before turning into “This college guy standing by the beer barrel giving his musical opinions that no one asked for.” ”

No one waits Everybody to be directly affected by Van Halen’s death. In fact, performative displays of mourning do a disservice to the bereaved, as well as to the memory of the deceased. Having said that, David, buddy, maybe hold back from verbally ignoring someone’s loss next time. Or, at the very least, give him a little time before he becomes the designated cynic, like like you did with Fleet Foxes once.

[via Consequence of Sound]

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