Dashcam shows Florida man pulling through his own windshield at another driver


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Local police say this shows how dangerous it can be arguing with other drivers on the freeway.

“You don’t know the other driver’s mindset that you might be involved in some sort of situation,” said Kim Montes of Florida Highway Patrol.

“A lot of people carry guns in their cars. It could have really escalated into someone getting shot, someone getting killed.

The on-board video shows another car driving aggressively on the 417 in Orange County. At one point, he gets dangerously close to Mazzetta’s truck.

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Mazzetta claims he hit the brakes and the other car hit him before running around him.

Later, the second car slows down and Mazzetta alleges the driver pulled out a gun and pointed it at him.

At that moment, Mazzetta pulled his own pistol out of his belt and fired four shots through his windshield because he feared the other man would shoot him.

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In the video, glass can be seen shattering inside Mazzetta’s vehicle as his passenger covers his ear, begs him to “stop” and calls him “crazy”.

Mazzetta declined an interview, but told TV reporter Bob Hazen of WESH 2 via text message: “I’m not a gun fan; I’m a fan of not getting shot.


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