Dance / NYC Announces Second Round Recipients of Coronavirus Dance Relief Fund for Dance Making Organizations


The dance services organization Dance / NYC is pleased to announce the 56 recipients of the second iteration of its Coronavirus Dance Relief Fund for Dance Organizations and Groups.

“We are proud to have facilitated support for so many organizations and dance-making groups during two relief fund tours. The program was created to help ease the immediate pressures from COVID-19, prioritizing those most affected by white supremacy and systemic oppression. “While we recognize that there is still work to be done to actualize fair grantmaking practices in the industry, we are very proud to contribute to these efforts,” said Alejandra Duque Cifuentes, Executive Director of Dance / NYC . “We are particularly excited to include for the first time dance creative organizations with budgets of less than $ 25,000 in one of our regranting programs. We have long recognized and named that dance creators with an operating budget of less than $ 25,000 also need support, which is why we are delighted to provide resources to this segment of the field with a big thank you to our funders. ”

The 56 grantees include representatives from seven (7) counties in the New York metro area: The Bronx (2), Hudson (3), Kings (13), Nassau (2), New York (30), Queens (5 ) and Richmond (1). The beneficiaries are predominantly African, Latin American, Asian, Arab and Native American (ALAANA) (33 out of 56 or 59%), and include forty-three (43 or 77%) companies with a female identity or gender non-compliant leadership / non-binary / genderqueer, three (3 or 5%) with disabled leadership, and twenty (20 or 36%) with immigrant leadership. There are twenty-four (24 or 43%) financially funded dance projects among the beneficiaries.

The 56 fellows were selected by a review committee made up of representatives from the fields of dance and grantmaking. A pool of over 100 dance groups in the New York metro area submitted applications in response to an open call, which included applications submitted during the Fund’s first round that had not been selected for funding and were therefore automatically eligible for this iteration, provided that they remain eligible below the new budget threshold. The main evaluation criteria included: organizations that clearly express a need for financial reimbursement in order to resist mandatory closings; and Organizations that are artistically directed or create works by ALAANA and / or artists that identify women and / or disabled and / or immigrants.

Additional information on grant conditions and eligibility is available on Dance.NYC.

Image courtesy of Dance NYC


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