Daily horoscope for October 24: reading your astrological sign, astrology and zodiac forecasts


The Saturday horoscope is strongly influenced by a trine between Venus and Saturn. The trine is generally known as a favorable astrological aspect involving two cosmic bodies 120 degrees apart.

Astrologers agree that important relationships will have a solid and stable feel this Saturday.As a result, this weekend is a perfect opportunity to make a relationship work.

Saturday is also widely seen as a good time to reverse certain agreements.

These offer a useful way to set clear guidelines for how each party in a relationship should ideally behave.

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This cosmic dance between the loving planet Venus and the ringed jewel Saturn is in Capricorn.

Unfortunately, that means the start of another well-deserved weekend is not a romantic day.

However, Saturday conversely is a brilliant day for love, but only time can tell if it’s real.

And only time can make good investments – and today, time is on your side.

Yet the Aquarius Moon feels rather rebellious because it Squares Uranus.

The squares are considered to be aspects capable of revealing the tensions, obstacles and challenges that stand in your way.

But today’s place is not the most efficient, especially when compared to the productive and problem-solving energy of the Trine between Venus and Saturn.

Astrology experts believe that now is the time to express love in a practical way.

Presenting material gifts can never harm, nor engage.

Today’s aspects are all about long game.

This is because Aquarius is all about the future which means this astrological sign is planning for the long term, which is why Aquarius is considered so revolutionary.

The occupied Moon Aquarius also creates a Sextile with the red planet Mars – and who better than this pair of planets to start the revolution?

But it’s Venus and Saturn taking center stage today, which means these are strong relationships that will get you through.


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