Daddy Warbucks: Maybach GLS super-luxury SUV debuts with six-figure price


Representing a new premium option for well-heeled Mercedes-Benz fans, the new Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC was touted as a 550-horsepower dreadnaught dripping with luxury accessories and all-weather grip.Today he received a starting price of $ 160,500.

While this new SUV shares a trio of consonants with an existing machine in the Mercedes portfolio, the “Maybach” suffix ensures a dose of exclusivity.

The exterior styling is markedly different from that of the now proletarian GLS 450 and the admittedly workaday AMG GLS 63, the latter of which costs $ 132,100. These are for commoners.

Stepping up the Maybach lifestyle brings a host of lavish luxury features that are sure to encourage neighbors to look down on their noses. Its available four-seater setup offers rear seats that can recline almost 45 degrees, opening up enough room to stretch out, because being an oligarch is hard work.

The second row can also be fitted with 7-inch display shelves, separate climate controls for each rear passenger, and a refrigerated compartment with personalized champagne flutes and integrated racks. These options will surely push sticker prices well beyond a quarter of a mil. Standard front-end technology for Jeeves includes dual 12.3-inch digital touchscreens and a Burmester 3D audio system.

Under the hood is a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine producing 550 horsepower and 528 lb-ft. couple. Mercedes claims the Maybach GLS 600 will go up to highway resting speed in just 4.8 seconds, so be sure to hang on to the champions. An integrated starter-generator, part of the EQ boost system, can generate up to 21 hp and 184 lb-ft. of torque for short periods.

(Your author thinks there should be a big red button above the shifter to access this power, but Mercedes thinks differently. Their loss.)

Other must-have features include the electric running boards that are nearly two meters long but can deploy in about a second; designo trim with flowing lines inspired by yachts; and 23-inch multi-spoke forged wheels. Much like the Maybach sedans of yore, this SUV can be ordered in two-tone paint with select colors separated at the vehicle beltline.

Customers one per center of our audience should note that these prices are only good south of the border. Prices and availability in Canada will be announced at a later date.


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