Cyprus travel corridor threatened as cases rise

This comes from Maria Georgieva in Moscow:

Russia has confirmed the highest daily death toll from the coronavirus, a record 317 deaths.

Russian officials have continued to reassure the public that they will not step up further strict lockdown measures despite the further rise in coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases to 1,447,335 and with 24,952 deaths.

Earlier this year, when Russia saw a spike in new cases, parents and experts, examining state statistics, told the Telegraph that the actual death toll in the country could be much higher, saying that many deaths in Russia go unrecorded as Covid-related despite deaths showing symptoms of coronavirus.

The record daily death toll comes a day after Russia reported its largest single-day increase of 16,319 new infections. As of Wednesday, 15,700 cases were reported, significantly fewer than the day before.

Most of all new infections have been recorded in Moscow, the epicenter of the pandemic, which has reported 4,389 new Covid-19 infections. However, the daily capital increase has decreased. Yesterday, October 20, 4,999 cases were detected.

Since the start of the pandemic, Russia has recorded 1,447,335 infections.

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