Curfew in France: information on the exemption certificate


New curfew measures are now in force in nine regions of France. The curfew measures were announced by President Emmanuel Macron on October 14 as the number of coronavirus cases in France increases rapidly.The curfew applies between 21:00 and 06:00 in: Ile-de-France, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Aix-Marseille, Montpellier, Rouen, Saint-Etienne and Toulouse.

Here we answer 12 of the most frequently asked questions about curfews.

Anyone who needs to go out in these areas during curfew will need to have an exemption certificate with them.

All information regarding the curfew and exemption certificates is available on the government website here.

You can download a printable version of the exemption form in English or French from this website. You can also complete a digital version (in French) here, which can be viewed on your smartphone if required.

The exceptional travel certificate requires you to provide your name, date of birth, place of birth, address and reason for breaking the curfew.

For people who do not have access to a printer or a smartphone, it is possible to write an exemption form by hand on a blank sheet of paper, containing this information.

Anyone arriving or departing from an area where the curfew applies after 9:00 p.m. by train or plane can present their ticket as a valid form of exemption, in place of the official exemption form.

Who is exempt from curfew?

On the official government exemption form, it lists the following situations as reasons why people can break the curfew:

  • Travel between work or university and the place of training
  • Consultations and provision of care which cannot be carried out remotely or deferred; consultations and management of patients with chronic disease, purchase of drugs
  • Imperative family reasons, assistance to vulnerable people, people in a precarious situation or childcare.
  • People with disabilities and their companion
  • Judicial or administrative summons
  • Participate in a mission of general interest at the request of an administrative authority
  • Transit related to long-distance travel
  • Walk an animal outside less than 1 km from its place of residence and for a short period

There is a fine of 135 € for anyone caught breaking the curfew without a valid reason.

The curfew will be in place for a minimum of four weeks, but Mr Macron and Prime Minister Jean Castex have said the government will seek to extend it for another two weeks, pending parliamentary approval.

This means it could be in place until December 1.

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