Cuomo delivers on New York coronavirus crisis running out of state faux pas


NEW YORK CITY – Gov. Andrew Cuomo condemned the federal government’s response to the coronavirus and praised his own leadership efforts in a new book released on Tuesday that offers some new details – but not many – on New York’s battle against the pandemic .

The Democrat’s book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” provides an account of his efforts to contain the virus as it ravaged his condition in the spring.In it, Cuomo describes trying to appease President Donald Trump in order to get the hospital beds, ventilators and other supplies needed for New York. He detailed the state’s success in rapidly increasing testing capacity and its concern that New Yorkers would ignore calls to stay home to avoid a catastrophic increase in hospitalizations.

Cuomo also addresses a frequent criticism of his leadership style: that he controls too much.
“You show me a person who is not in control, and I am going to show you a person who is probably not very successful,” he wrote.

As for his mistakes, Cuomo concedes only a few. Among them, he said, he waited too long to force New Yorkers to wear masks.

Other issues with New York’s viral response are less pronounced, including the state’s efforts to help nursing homes acquire enough protective equipment or personnel. Cuomo said Republicans unfairly politicized the thousands of patient deaths in New York City nursing homes.

“We have seen how the virus is faced and overcome,” he said. “New York didn’t do everything right. But we can learn lessons that will lead to victory. “

Much of the book’s content would be familiar to anyone who closely follows its daily press briefings at the height of the outbreak, which Cuomo hailed as a model of transparency.

Cuomo did not disclose how much he was paid to write the book, which was published by Crown. He said he intended to donate some of the proceeds to charity.

The book’s release comes amid a pandemic that is still making New Yorkers sick by the thousands.
Citing a spike in new infections, Cuomo last week reinstated restrictions on businesses, schools and religious gatherings in some virus hotspots. More than 900 patients infected with the virus were in hospital statewide on Monday, the highest total since June.


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