Cowboys vs Cardinals score: Kyler Murray strangles Dallas with defensive assist, unimpressive Andy Dalton


For once the Dallas Cowboys got off to a promising start in defense, but that didn’t matter as they were dismantled by the Arizona Cardinals with a final score of 38-10 at AT&T Stadium in the Dak Prescott’s first game absent. They forced Kyler Murray and Co. to kick off three straight first-quarter kicks, bottling DeAndre Hopkins and Murray in the process, but it didn’t last long. When the second quarter arrived, so did the Cowboys’ offensive turnover issues. Ezekiel Elliott fumbled twice and lost both, giving the Cardinals a short sweep that cost them big.Murray made them call off with a touchdown to Christian Kirk and a big kick after the second takeaway put Kenyan Drake in position to do the rest from the one-yard line. And for good measure, Murray finally connected deeply after two previous failed attempts, throwing an 80-yard dagger at Kirk for a touchdown to punctuate the halftime and put the Cardinals to three touchdowns before the Cowboys made a ridiculous goal before half-time.

To add insult to injury, the Cowboys lost eternal All-Pro right guard Zack Martin to a concussion in the first quarter – after taking a blow to the head – and in his absence, the Dallas offensive line has lined up four substitutes. From there, it was about putting pressure on Andy Dalton, and the Cardinals did it with ease, forcing more turnovers and polishing their rout on Monday night.

Why the Cardinals won

See the ball, take the ball, mark the ball.

That’s the formula for every NFL team when they hit the field each week, but the teams that face the Cowboys performed it at will, and the Cardinals were no different. They forced Elliott to fumble twice – losing both – and turned them into a 14-0 lead early in the second quarter. They continued to score again and came in at halftime with an impressive 28-3 lead and when the Cowboys got the ball to start the second half, an interception from Dr. Kirkpatrick put the ball back into the hands of Murray. And for the third time in the game, the Cardinals scored a touchdown thanks to a gift from the Cowboys. The third shouldn’t have happened, or wouldn’t have happened if the official called in a defensive pass interference on Kirkpatrick for tackling CeeDee Lamb before INT, but this isn’t the first time that Mike McCarthy sees a questionable call / no-call this season.

It’s also not the first time he’s seen his team take the ball to the ground multiple times, and that’s what really gave the Cardinals a win – never regretting the first two touchdowns after the two. first escaped. Murray was dynamic in the running game (10 carries for 74 yards and a rushing touchdown) and while he struggled in the air, his 80-yard bomb in Kirk reminded the Cowboys defense that he was a problem in every way possible.

Why the Cowboys lost

Giving the ball is bad enough, but doing it when you can’t stop a nosebleed makes it worse.

A rare good start for the beleaguered Cowboys defense was marred by offensive errors, mostly at the hands of Elliott. Usually the Cowboys unwillingly find themselves overcoming big deficits, but Dak Prescott didn’t come out of that tunnel Monday night and won’t be until September 2021. That’s Andy Dalton’s spectacle now, and his lack of it. athletics have given him no chance to hide protection issues like Prescott has done this season. Dalton was sacked three times and the Cardinals landed eight hits from the quarterback on the night, pressuring him on demand and forcing him to play anxious football.

Without the magic of Prescott, and having lost Martin to the game to a concussion, Dalton had no chance against the Cardinals defense. You would think things would have been easier without All-Pro Chandler Jones – who transferred to the IR this week – but not so quickly. Dalton threw two interceptions to tie Elliott’s two fumbles and the Cowboys sent this one early. And allowing the Kenyan Drake to land 164 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns in 20 carries hasn’t helped stop the mail carrier.


Budda Baker has had a day. Not only did he lead the team in tackles and intercept an interception in the fourth quarter to help nail the Cowboys’ coffin, it was that forced fumble on Elliott that set the tone for the rest of the game.

The Cowboys no longer looked the same after that ball hit the ground.

The game of the game

Did someone order the backbreaker? With an extra sauce ??

The order is in place.

Dak Prescott’s value increases

“What do you think of Dak Prescott now?” – Mike Leslie de WFAA Channel 8 Dallas

And after

The Cowboys will now head northeast for an important NFC East clash with the Washington football team, while the Cardinals return home for a divisional fight when they host the Seattle Seahawks.

Check out all the highlights and the action you might have missed in the live blog below.


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