COVID NYC Update: New MTA Air Purification Systems Will Kill 99.9998% of All Germs Including Coronavirus


NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – Air purification systems are coming to Metro North trains. Grand Central rush hours and the train rush are not what they used to be.Social distancing signs are in place and Metro North says cyclists are coming back – but not fast enough.RELATED | MTA Brings Back Turnstyle Underground Market, Provides Financial Aid to Tenants

Metro North attendance at the height of the pandemic was down 95% after Labor Day.

That number has fallen to 77%, meaning that less than a third of the nearly 300,000 runners per day, 86 million per year before COVID-19, are back.

This comes despite new and improved measures like a pilot program introducing a one-of-a-kind filtration system that kills all germs and viruses.

This filtration system has three parts and circulates the air in the cabin every three minutes, and they say it will kill not only COVID-19, but also flu and colds long after the pandemic.

Right now, it’s being tested in two Metro North subway cars, but after the first one of the year, the program will eventually expand to all Metro North trains that cost more than $ 10 million.

After that, the subways and the Long Island railroad.

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