COVID-19 update for October 15: here are the latest news on the coronavirus in British Columbia


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Henry said the child, under 5, had MIS-C and subsequently tested positive for COVID-19, but has since recovered.

6 am – “It’s like a pressure cooker in the house:” Calls to help lines skip during pandemic

Several helplines for women victims of violence in the home are reporting a dramatic increase in calls since public health measures to tackle the spread of COVID-19 last came into effect.

The urgency and gravity of the situation for many callers has also intensified, said Angela MacDougall, general manager of battered women support services in Vancouver.

“What the women are saying is it’s like a pressure cooker in the house and there’s no valve,” she said in an interview.

The United Nations has called violence against women and girls a “shadow pandemic” as the COVID-19 crisis fuels social isolation and tensions caused by concerns over health, safety and security. financial security.

Claudine Thibaudeau, social worker and clinical supervisor at the Montreal-based SOS domestic violence helpline, said the pandemic has become a “new tool” for abusers to take power.

The helpline has responded to calls from women diagnosed with COVID-19 who were later kicked out by their attacker, she said, while others are confined to their homes, deprived of support.

As cases climb across Canada, particularly in Quebec, and several provinces tighten health restrictions again, “we’re basically back to square one,” Thibaudeau said.


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