COVID-19: How the pandemic could push the 2020-2021 NHL season to February


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On Monday, he was also asked to play the owner of the NHL.

Combining passion for his profession with enthusiasm for attending hockey games, he gave a somewhat disappointing assessment. NHL wants 82-game schedule, but COVID concerns and broadcast partner NBC’s commitment to the Tokyo Summer Olympics postponed will likely mean a contract schedule and larger revenue losses in an award attempt of the Stanley Cup by July 18. July 23.

Like other NHL franchises, the Canucks have a plan to start next season without fans at Rogers Arena, then slowly move on to bosses as COVID cares about the ease. There is hope. The relentlessness of the virus is reality.

“Right now, from a public health perspective that goes into all of our decision-making, I don’t see a start until early February, and the fact (is) that we only worry about from Canada, ”said Dr Conway. “I cannot speak for the United States. The US authorities in place have no interest in mitigating the pandemic. The considerations would be threefold:

1. If we start in February and end in June (or mid-July), does that make economic sense?

2. If we separate Canada from the United States, does this make economic sense?

3. Is there anything we can do in the United States since we are an indoor sport?

“If I was an owner, this is (how I) would look. I wouldn’t even model anything until February 1. “

Dr. Brian Conway, President and Medical Director of the Vancouver Infectious Diseases Center. Photo from

The modeling includes the possibility of an all-Canadian split as positive tests in the United States continue to soar. There were more than 8.7 million confirmed infections on Monday, more than 225,000 deaths and a University of Washington study predicted 386,000 deaths by February 1.


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