Costume Superbass Lil Nas X Nicki Minaj


By now you know rapper Lil Nas X. He is best known for his record-breaking song, “Old Town Road”.

In the Twitter universe, however, he is also known to be a huge Nicki Minaj Stan. There have been reports that he ran a Nicki Stan account called “Nas Maraj”.

When fans asked him about it, Lil Nas did not claim the account because he was not yet publicly declared gay. It was a whole thing.

Nicki finally forgave him.

@NICKIMINAJ the generous queen, I love you. and I’m sorry I did it at a time when you were already getting so hateful. I felt so bad, hoping you wouldn’t see my refusal. I was so scared that people would find out about me and lose everything before they even had a chance.

15:26 – 17 June 2020

Anyway, this year for Halloween, Lil Nas paid homage to the iconic “Super Bass” video of his Queen Nicki with his costume. Like, WOW:

Attention to detail! The outfit, the wig, the bracelet, the heels. YES, LIL NAS!

Like, can we just enjoy this side by side?

Lil Nas really killed him this year, and I hope Nicki sees it.

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