Coronavirus victims: remembering the deceased Canadians


The first person in Canada contracted COVID-19 in January, but it was not until March that the first Canadian died of the disease.

The numbers have risen in Canada and around the world since then, with each death being an anonymous statistic announced in a growing daily tally.

While the loss is real for those who have lost loved ones to illness, it is more difficult to understand for Canadians who are not directly affected by the tragedy.

However, each statistic represents a Canadian with its own story.

Here are some of the stories of the victims, told to CTV News by family members and loved ones.

Has anyone close to you died of illness caused by the new coronavirus? Help us share your memories of them, along with a favorite photo of them, to paint a more complete picture of some of the Canadian lives lost as a result of the pandemic.

Please email us your loved one’s name, age, hometown and date of death at [email protected], along with your name, location and contact details.

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