Coronavirus UK update live: Latest from Covid as NHS struggles to track 50,000 contacts after ‘shambolic’ spreadsheet error


The NHS is rushing to follow up to 50,000 people who have come in contact with positive cases of the coronavirus after a ‘shambolic’ spreadsheet error led to around 16,000 unreported infections.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told MPs on Monday that the error “should never have happened” but insisted that the government’s assessment of the UK epidemic did not had not changed significantly with the new data.

It comes as the World Health Organization has warned of a significant increase in apathy towards Covid-19 across Europe, with so-called ‘Covid fatigue’ affecting more than 60% of the population in certain places.


MPs to debate perilous state of UK music scene during pandemic

MPs are expected to highlight the plight of the UK’s coronavirus-ravaged music industry during a debate in parliament today.

It comes as the industry steps up calls for the government to help the sector, with industry body UK Music warning that the pandemic has wiped out at least £ 900million of the £ 1.1bn in revenue live music expected in 2020.

“As neighborhoods and local economies seek to recover from the pandemic, it is essential to consider the impact that theaters, concert halls and other cultural attractions have on their communities, both in terms of financial support and other activities by creating jobs and dating, but also more broadly in terms of community benefits and well-being, ”said Nickie Aiken, the Conservative MP for the debate.

The industry is calling for more government help as many music events cannot break even due to social distancing rules.

UK Music wants an extension of VAT and business rate exemptions, an extension of eviction protection and rent reductions for music spaces to be considered.

He also urges ministers to support a Covid-19 insurance vehicle to offer live coverage against cancellations forced by the virus.

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Sunak asked about Excel error with coronavirus test data

Chancellor Rishi Sunak was asked why the government was using Microsoft’s Excel software to manage coronavirus cases after an error led to thousands of unreported infections.

Mr. Sunak insisted that experts were involved in creating the case management system, which has been described as “shambolic”.

You can find his comments below:

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United States: Dr Fauci warns Trump’s state may reverse after coronavirus treatment

Donald Trump returned to the White House last night after several days of hospitalization with coronavirus as his leading infectious disease expert warned his health could deteriorate again.

Dr Anthony Fauci told CNN it was “still early” in Mr Trump’s recovery and noted that there was a possibility that there was a “reversal” in his condition.

Our journalist, Mayank Aggarwal, has the full story below:

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Expected announcement on traveler testing is ‘a step in the right direction’, said Virgin Atlantic director

An expected government announcement on coronavirus testing for international travelers has been hailed as a “step in the right direction” by the CEO of Virgin Atlantic.

Shai Weiss told BBC Radio 4’s Today On Tuesday, further “swift action” was needed to protect the 500,000 jobs in the UK that depend on aviation.

“We suggest pre-departure testing as a way to release the need for this quarantine and allow passengers to move freely,” Weiss said.

“We welcome this new government potential, but faster action is needed if we are to save the 500,000 jobs that depend on travel and aviation in the UK.

“And of course our economy has to start and the only way for it to take off is with the free flow of goods and people between countries.”

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WHO warns of significant increase in ‘coronavirus fatigue’ in Europe

New data has shown a significant increase in apathy towards the coronavirus across Europe after more than six months of restrictions, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dr Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, said fatigue, which has been measured in different ways in 27 countries, was “now estimated at over 60 percent” of the population in certain places.

The health expert suggested promoting regular community consultation with local authorities as well as “expertise beyond the medical and public health sectors”.

He said there had been positive responses when the Scandinavian countries asked the public to help craft “reasonable advice” for the pandemic.

“Citizens are at the heart of a solution to the pandemic and policymakers should treat them as such,” added Dr Kluge.

New ways to meet friends and family should also be encouraged, the expert citing the example of how community groups have found safe ways to break the fast during Ramadan by doing so virtually or with meals delivered. for remote celebrations.

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NHS races to track up to 50,000 contacts after ‘shambolic’ spreadsheet error

The NHS is rushing to follow up to 50,000 people who have come in contact with positive coronavirus cases following a ‘shambolic’ spreadsheet error that led to thousands of unreported infections during the week last.

Public Health England (PHE) revealed on Monday that an error related to the use of Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet resulted in 15,841 positive test results not being included in official government daily numbers.

Recent data has shown that uncomplicated Covid-19 cases tend to report an average of three close contacts, suggesting that almost 50,000 contacts could have been missed due to the error.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock insisted the new data had not materially affected the government’s assessment of the UK’s Covid-19 outbreak, but admitted that the incident ” should never have happened ”.

“The team acted quickly to minimize its impact and it is now essential that we work together to correct this and to ensure that it never happens again,” he told MPs on Monday.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Ashworth, Labor shadow health secretary, warned the mistake had “put lives at risk.”

(House of Commons / PA Wire)

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